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Get Paid For Your Knowledge with the power of Method-Centric Marketing

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Welcome to SERVE 1K

How to Generate 1,000+ Leads Per Month Using Method-Centric Marketing So You Can Start Serving at Scale and Stop Trading Your Time for Dollars

This is a free course I put together showing you how to use something called "Method-Centric Marketing" to escape the "time for money" trade that so many of us are hoping to escape.

This is for aspiring thought leaders, coaches, and course creators who want to "productize" their knowledge so they can serve people at scale.

Who am I?

My name is Beau (pronounced Bo). I've been a copywriter, online marketer and educator for the past decade, primarily in the personal development niche. I've been making a full-time living online for about the same length of time (since 2014).

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I got my start back in 2013 selling eBooks online and have since sold dozens of different digital products in multiple niches and have done pretty well for myself, but only after a whole lot of trial and error.

My mission is to help you avoid the obstacles that hold most people back from success.

I'm not one of those guys whose only business has been teaching business (hey, no judgment). It was only after 9+ years in the trenches that I started teaching this stuff.

I love digital products and group coaching businesses because they allow you to serve people at a large scale while providing you with a great living and a lot of free time (if you do it right).

A lot of people hype this up, and for good reason, but they don't tell you what it actually takes to succeed.

So let's talk about it...

The major milestone you must reach if you want to truly prosper selling digital products or leveraged programs that don't require a direct trade of time for money...

The reasons I'm calling this course "Serve1K" is because there is a critical milestone you must reach if you want to make a great living with a digital product-based business.

That milestone is 1,000 leads per month.


Because Business is a Numbers Game

I learned a long time ago that if you don't pay attention to the numbers make them work in your favor, it doesn't matter how great you or your product or service is, you're gonna struggle.

Most business owners or those who aspire to have a business have one major problem: not enough leads.

In other words, they don't have enough people coming into their world, getting to know about them and what they offer, to be able to stop trading their time for money.

*In this context, a lead is someone who joins your email list or your private online community. It's someone who essentially raises their hand and shows some interest in what you have to offer.

Why 1,000?

After being in this game for a decade, I've seen a lot of data, so I can tell you exactly what numbers you need to aim for.

1,000 leads (per month) is the sweet spot because the average conversion rate from lead to paying customer is between 1 and 5%.

That means if you get 1,000 leads per month, you can expect to make between 10 and 50 sales of your digital product (and these sales can be fully automated, i.e. "passive")

And that's the amount of monthly sales needed for most people to make a very good full-time living doing this.

If you're selling a service and trading your time for money, you'll need far less customers, but if you want to stop trading your time for dollars, you'll need a higher volume of customers, which means you'll need a higher volume of leads.


  • Let's say you're selling a $500 online course and convert 2% of your leads into sales. 1,000 leads x 2% = 20 sales x $500 = $10,000 per month.
  • Or let's say you're selling a cheaper $100 product and convert 5% of your leads into sales. 1,000 leads x 5% = 50 sales x $100 = $5,000 per month.
  • Or let's say you're selling a higher ticket $1500 course and you convert 1% of leads into sales. 1,000 leads x 1% = 10 sales x $1500 = $15,000 per month.

Depending on the price point of what you sell, your niche, and your pre-existing audience size, the number of leads you need will vary, but for most people 1,000 per month is the sweet spot to aim for.

It might sound like a lot, but when you break it down, it amounts to only 33 leads per day.

With 5+ BILLION people on the internet, 33 a day is nothing.

Proof: within 90 days of implementing this in a brand new niche where no one had ever heard of me, I generated over 3,500 warm leads...

Lead Generation Proof png

As with everything, there are phases of growth.

Let's briefly go over the 3 major milestones you should strive to achieve:

Milestone #1

Milestone #1 is getting your first 1,000 leads because that's the point at which you can start easily making a full-time living selling done-for-you services and/or 1-to-1 coaching.

Milestone #2

Milestone #2 is 1,000 leads per month because that's the point at which you can stop selling services and go full-time selling digital products that don't require trading your time for dollars.

Milestone #3

Milestone #3 is automating most of this process so you can have all the freedom in the world, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Click 'Next' to Learn How to Scale Your Business Through These Phases Using the Power of Method-Centric Marketing

Now that you understand what we're aiming for, let me show you how to actually make this happen using "Method-Centric Marketing"

No one out there is teaching this, so I decided to bring this much-needed process to the world. Click the button below to go to the next lesson.

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